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A Day off Skiing with kids! Winter Park Ski Lessons

March 30th, 2008 | Written by | Fun things to do

Ski with kids on your day off.

Looking for a great way to spend a winter day with your kids? Parker, Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock, Colorado Youth! I have found that in this world of hectic schedules and constant bad news spending time with my kids outside the norm is very uplifting and totally takes your mind out of the day to day struggle of life. My Grandfather’s words still ring in my ear. When I asked him his regrets he said I just regret not spending more time with my kids. Pretty powerful in my opinion. In his 73 years just before he died all he really regretted was not spending more time with his kids.Kids skiing in Colorado

If you have a fun idea for kids let me know and I will post it here!

A special thanks to Jack and Reno from The Timbers for making our trips extra special!

We entered our 3 year old son in weekly ski lessons at Winter Park Ski Area. I was lucky enough to find out that one of his buddies from Parker Montessori was interested in skiing so we were able to get both boys in the same class. Please don’t think this class is only for boys. There are just as many if not more girls entered into the weekly classes.

Our main goal was to make the entire process a fun experience for the kids. We started out by planning a ski rental play date one evening. We met at our house and headed to Lenny’s in Aurora. (Lenny’s Golf and Ski – 2601 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014-1617, Phone: (303) 369-5900 has the best all season deal around for kids at $70 for the year. Plus if they grow out of the boots or skis just take them up there and they will make the necessary changes.) The ski techs at Lenny’s teach them how the boots and skis are supposed to fit and how to get the skis on and off. Patience was required by all but the kids enjoyed it completely. We also chose to get the helmet for the ski year as well and that cost and extra $20. Besides the safety benefits it also keeps their heads nice and warm. Better to start good habits now anyway. Total cost for the skis and helmet for the ski year rental was $97.00.

Ski lessons run several different days of the week so you can easily choose a day that works for your schedule. We decided for a Friday class since it would allow the kids to have a relatively uncrowded ski slope to learn on plus we didn’t want to fight the weekend traffic on I-70. One great aspect of the class is that they have the same teachers each week and the same fellow students. The teachers evaluate their skills and make sure they are all about the same as far as their abilities so none of the kids are stuck in classes learning skills they have already acquired. So far we have two classes under our belt and all he talks about during the week is when are we going skiing again. During the day the parents will usually ski over several times for photos and to check out how their child is coming along. If you haven’t stopped over and watched ski school in a few years it’s worth the time. It’s quite comical at times. I guarantee you at least one belly laugh and several chuckles.

The lesson starts at 8:45 and ends at 2:45 which is plenty of time for adults to get in their own skiing. They provide lunch plus they give the kids plenty of hot chocolate during and after the class.

My advice is keep it light and don’t demand too much from the younger kids. Let them progress at their pace and you will be surprised how quickly they pick it up and how much they retain. We usually end the day by getting out of the ski gear into our comfy shoes and having a snowball fight on the way back to the car. Go have fun with your kids!

Steven Beam is a real estate broker living in Parker, Colorado.

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