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Rental Property or the Stock Market?

August 10th, 2011 | Written by | Buyers

Think about it. If you have a million dollars in your retirement accounts and start drawing from your savings when you retire eventually you will run out of money. (If you live long enough.) You need income in retirement.

Many people are looking to rental properties to help get that income. Rental properties pay you forever or at least as long as you own them. So drawing down all of your retirement money is probably less likely if you have additional income.

I have clients right now making $8,000 to $10,000 a month just from rental income.

Yes the stock market is taking a dump again. It’s sad when you think about it. As a person working hard for retirement the stock market just isn’t turning out to be a viable option for most of us. I know for sure I cannot afford to lose thousands of dollars every 5-10 years in the hopes that in 3-5 years the market will gain it back to where I was two days ago.

Investment Property vs Stock Market

Lose Money or Own Property?

In the past two days I’ve received 4 calls from what I consider to be sophisticated business people who are also previous clients of mine. All of them were seeking a better alternative to the stock market and Social Security for their retirement needs.

“Many potential property investors are seeking a steady return that they can count on.”

Last month I sold this property (BELOW) to an investor that already has the property rented. The current income is bringing a return of over 15% on his money. He had the property rented two weeks after closing. The bank that foreclosed the property repainted the interior, added some new appliances and replaced all the carpet. All my investor did was a little landscaping and have the exterior of the house repainted.

Investment Property

Parker Colorado Investment Property

With the foreclosures and banks not lending money to people with foreclosures on their record it has turned the rental market into a hot investment opportunity. All of these people moving out of homes need a place to live and many scoff at the idea of moving back into an apartment. They want homes to live in. Rental rates in Parker and the Denver Metro are as high as I have ever seen them. I know it won’t last forever but it certainly is a great way to make some money now and for the future.

  • Buy property within your IRA. Much easier to do than you may think.
  • Foreclosures offer a great way to buy properties at a discount.
  • Short Sale homes take longer to close but the deals are worth it.
  • There are many great loans available to investors with a little cash and good credit.

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