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Tips for Parker CO relocation buyers and sellers to help sell your home fast.

September 23rd, 2011 | Written by | Sellers

Today’s real estate market has relocation home sellers wanting and needing to sell their homes fast. Especially in Douglas County Colorado where a large portion of our transactions are relocation home buyers and sellers.

Most Parker Colorado relocation sellers are needing out of their homes quickly. Typically most relocation sellers have about 60-90 days to sell their homes since they need to get to the new State for work. Find out what your home is worth here.

Steven Beam  Email Steven Beam is a top local Realtor in Parker Colorado that sells a lot of listings and knows what works to help sell a home quickly.

Here are some easy tips to help sell your home quickly and even some problems that need to be addressed.

Old home for sale

Outdated home.

I’m finding that many homeowners are having to spend quite a bit of money to get their homes ready to sell. They have lived in these homes for 7-10 years and basically done nothing to even maintain the homes.

  • Have your dogs scratched the hardwood floors and has the intense Colorado sun faded the color? You might want to consider having the floors refinished to give them that new home look for a potential buyer. It’s not as expensive as you might think.
  • The windows need to be cleaned inside and out and so do the screens. You may need to even replace some screens. We live in Colorado with intense sunshine. It deteriorates the screens in just a few years. Ripped or torn screens looks terrible. Get them fixed.
  • Kitchen cabinets and appliances need to be in good shape. A lot of sellers are finding that painting cabinets is very acceptable and a super easy way to totally make a kitchen look brand new. The process take about two days but has proved to be well worth¬† it when selling your home. A lot of Colorado homes have the old oak cabinets that have faded to an orange color over time. Not good for selling.
  • Do you have cracked tile in your bathrooms or entry ways? Tile is cheap and sub contractors are starving for work so you can generally have brand new tile installed quickly and cheaply.
  • Tile can many times be found at rock bottom prices if you buy the left over stock from a previous job. Stores have it sitting on pallets so ask to see their over runs or left overs. If all you need to do it re tile a small hall bath or entry way it’s pretty easy to find enough to do the job.
  • Builder Brass. This is what we call the builder installed BRASS fixtures throughout your house. Whether it’s faucets, door hardware or lighting it doesn’t matter. Builder brass was out of style when it was installed 15 years ago so get rid of it. Did you know that if you put out brass fixtures at a garage sale people will not even take them if you mark them as FREE. It’s true. Get brass out of the house.
  • Carpet is another relatively cheap correction and new carpet and pad can make a house smell brand new. Most people think carpet lasts for 10 + years. WORNG. Carpet for a normal family of 4 will wear out in 3-5 years depending on wear. If you have big stains replace the carpet and this one item will MANY times mean the difference between a sale or no sale for some sellers.
  • Painting is a must do action of all homes going on the market. If you have not had the house repainted on the exterior in the last 6 years it must be painted. Maybe all you need is the trim work repainted to make the house pop but trust me. Bad trim or rotten trim on a house will eat you up when the inspector sees it. The buyer will be asking for an exterior paint job in the inspection.
  • Interior painting. If you still have the paint in the basement get it out and go around the house and touch up all the marks in the wall and fill any cracks. It makes a huge difference.
  • Your furnace needs to be clean. Replace the filter and to be honest you will be well served to have the furnace cleaned and serviced prior to putting the house on the market. It’s the #1 items listed in almost every inspection notice we receive. Inspectors love to put this on their list. It relieves them of liability after the sale if the furnace blows up. If you have a recent receipt as verification that you had the furnace cleaned and serviced prior to putting it on the market you have just completed one item that will be on the inspection notice list.
  • Roofs need to be checked. Call Roof Brokers here in Denver and have them come out and give you at least a 5 year roof certification. They will go up and your roof and see what needs to be corrected to give the roof the 5 year roof certification. This will generally be in the $400 range for composite roofs and $700 for shake roofs.
  • Get the clutter out of there. We are all collectors but selling a home and clutter do not mix. People want to feel like the home is open and spacious even if it’s an 800 square foot condo. Clean up and throw out the junk.
  • Have a handyman or do it yourself and re-caulk the bathroom tubs and showers. Nothing is more disgusting than seeing mold and mildew in other people’s tubs and showers. Want to scare off a buyer? Then leave the dirty black moldy caulk in the bathrooms. Buyers will run out of the house…it’s true. I’ve seen it.
  • The yard needs to be clean and green with color to attract the eye. Curb appeal is the one thing that can keep a buyer from even entering your home. I’ve had buyers in the car mark a home off the list if the curb appeal is bad. Trim the shrubs hanging over the sidewalks. Trim the trees so you can see the home from the street. Add a few flowers to make the home look attractive.

Relocation home buyers are generally in a hurry and they have a company helping them with the move. Relocation buyers almost always pick the homes that show the best and need the least amount of work after they move in.

Relocation sellers need to be out quickly and usually have a company helping them with moving expenses. Relocation sellers also need to move quickly and should present their homes to the market in the best possibly condition.

Presenting you home in the best possible condition is the best way to get the most money and sell the home the quickest. Fast sales are what we all want so make it easy on your self.

If you have lived in your home for several years chances are the house is showing normal wear and tear but as homeowners we just don’t see it day to day as we live there.

Typically a home in good condition and priced well should sell in 30 days. Even in this market.

Here is a video of a current relocation seller that did everything correctly. Look how their home shows? Would you buy this home? I sold it in 4 days.


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