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Selling Your Parker Colorado Home. Maintenance versus upgrades.

September 26th, 2011 | Written by | Sellers

Parker Colorado home sellers often call me with great excitement when they are ready to finally take the plunge and move up into their next home. They are ready to sell.

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The problem is that many sellers often confuse regular or deferred maintenance with upgrades and outdated.

Buyers and Realtors see it clearly but many sellers just don’t get it. Anyway the reason for this post is to allow Parker home sellers to understand that a little paint, carpet replacement and roof work is normal maintenance. Too often I’m in homes that people have lived in for 5-7 years and they have nothing to maintain or improve their homes. They end up having to spend thousands of dollars just to get their homes ready to sell. Wouldn’t it be nice to do regular maintenance and enjoy the fruits of your labor while you live there instead of doing all this just for the buyer?

Let’s take carpet as our first topic. Carpet typically wears out in 4-5 years for most 4 person households. I have sellers wanting to know why their new carpet will most likely not bring substantially more money at closing. While new carpet will help the house sell quicker and maybe a little more money it’s pretty obvious that we all expect carpet in our homes when we buy them. New carpet is not an upgrade it is regular maintenance.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Roof replacement. Having a well maintained roof with several years of life left in it is a must have. Roofs are generally not upgrades. The only time I’ve seen a roof bring more money at closing is when home seller in a neighborhood with predominately shake roofs has had the roof replaced with a 50 year composite roof. Otherwise just replacing the existing comp shingle roof with a newer comp shingle roof really doesn’t bring much added value. A new roof can help a buyer decided whether to offer on one house versus another but probably not add a substantial about to the bottom line.Upgrading to a fireproof tile roof may help value but I just don’t see it much around Parker Colorado.

One of my all time favorites. Interior “custom paint.” Really? I see it all the time in the MLS, “custom paint” in the house. What the heck is that? The two easiest and most often changed items in a house when new buyers move in are carpet and paint. Chances are that the buyer isn’t going to like your paint selection anyway so why waste valuable ad space telling them custom paint. Custom paint is not an upgrade. All buyers expect to have some paint color even if it’s white on the walls. Custom paint brings no cash to the bottom line at closing. EXCEPTION to the rule. If you are in a multi-million dollar home and have a “named artist” come paint a mural on the wall or ceiling then yes it can add substantial value. HOWEVER I have seen clients curl their noses at some pretty let’s say “over the top” murals in very expensive homes. Yes they have even bought the homes and had the murals removed or painted over. Crazy huh. I’m just making a point that paint is subjective and don’t think that “designer” or “custom” paint will bring you more money at closing.

Like I said earlier. Keep your home in great shape while you live in it so you don’t have to spend big bucks just to sell the house. Enjoy it while you have it and I guarantee you when it does come time to sell it will take a minimal investment to make it happen.

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