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Furnace & HVAC Inspection Issues for Parker CO Homes

September 29th, 2011 | Written by | Sellers

Parker, CO home sellers are often shocked to find out that their furnaces and HVAC systems have issues or need to be serviced.

What inspectors look for in the HVAC inspections.

Furnace & HVAC inspection

  • Gas leaks
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks
  • Dust and dirt build up in the filter
  • Cracks in the burners
  • Wiring or other mechanical problems.

“The most common items listed on almost all inspection notices I receive is…Have the furnace cleaned, serviced and sometimes they ask to have it certified by a licensed HVAC contractor. “

When you see have the furnace cleaned and serviced go ahead and figure you are out at least $200 and generally more than not it will cost closer to $300.

I know that most inspectors tell perspective buyers to have the furnace cleaned and serviced on all their inspection reports because it covers their butt if anything should go wrong. The inspector can say “hey I told you in the inspection report to have the furnace cleaned and serviced.” 

To clean and service a furnace the HVAC contractor will literally completely disassemble the furnace and check each and every part. Each part will be cleaned and reassembled to make sure all is in proper working condition.

I recommend all homeowners have the service and clean done on their furnaces on a regular basis. Having this done regularly will ensure that your furnace runs properly, is safe and runs as effenciently as possible.

Do it your self. Many furnace manufacturers recommend you change the filter every 30 days. For most of us that is an impossible task. At the very least change it several times a year. You will be amazed a how much dust the filter keeps out of your lungs and off your expensive furniture.

A few more tips.

  • Use a shop vac to clean up around the furnace. 
  • Wipe it down with a dust cloth to keep it looking good and help stop rust.
  • Keep the room around the furnace clean and free of flammable debris. 

Keeping the furnace and HVAC system in good working order will save you time and money when you go to sell the property.

 Steven Beam is a TOP Realtor that works and lives in Parker Colorado.

Furnace Cleaning is a smart move for Winter.

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