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Best Tip To Sell Your Parker Home Fast

December 8th, 2011 | Written by | Fun things to do, Sellers

Sell your Parker, Colorado home fast and for more money!

Sounds like a tough question but it really isn’t.The problem in the Parker, Colorado real estate market today is that there is a severe lack of good, clean, updated homes on the market. I should state that the over $700,000 price range has a pretty good selection but below $700,000 is really hurting for some good inventory.  

Be prepared to update your home in order to get it sold fast and at a much better price.

Sell Your Parker Home Fast

Over the past 12 months I’ve sold dozens of my listings and many of them within 30 days. I was lucky enough to have sellers that either had their homes in great condition or were able to understand that in order to get top dollar they were going to have to make some changes before we placed the home up for sale.

“Deferred maintenance and outdated features in your home can completely stall the sale of your home.”

Another issue creating this problem has been the lack of new homes for buyer’s to choose from. When builders were building hundreds of new homes a year buyers who wanted the latest and greatest features didn’t have to rely on resale homes. Builders we all to happy to supply them with that home product.

Buyers that I’m working with right now are shifting into apartments at a huge sacrifice to their families just to wait it out. They are deciding that the inconvenience is worth it. Buyers are building a dirt start home that will suit their needs versus settling for a resale home that needs work.

Bottom line is get out your check book and roll up your selves. Get the house in shape. I’m seeing sellers selling homes for thousands over what they originally would have if they had not done the work to make the house shine.

With housing inventory in the Parker, Colorado area hovering at all time lows there is a serious shortage of homes on the market compared to a few years ago.

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Lower inventory is great for the market since we should start to see more of a turn towards a seller’s market versus the long time buyer’s market we’ve been in. Lower inventory of homes for sale does not mean good inventory.

Families relocating to the Parker area are coming from around the country and many of these buyers are looking for the cream of the crop in their desired price range. It’s not uncommon even in this current down market to have multiple offers on a really well kept home.

Tips for getting your home ready to sell:

  • Get all of the old “builder brass” out of the house. No brass fixtures.
  • If the carpet is older than 5 years it probably needs to be replaced.
  • Paint the interior and exterior. New paint and carpet are the cheapest things to do to make a house look it’s best.
  • My favorite – De-Clutter- Get the junk out of the house.
  • Clean the windows and replace ripped screens.

I will be happy to stop by your house and walk room by room and tell you exactly what needs to be done to sell your house and get it ready to sell. 303-941-4663 or Contact Steven Beam here.


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