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Profit From Improving Denver Housing Market

February 7th, 2012 | Written by | Market Reports for Parker Colorado

Ever wonder what the rest of the country thinks about the Denver metro housing market? Check this out. Outsiders look purely at the numbers and they see what I’ve been preaching for a year now.

Profit Cash from Real Estate

See video below.

“The Denver Metro housing market has passed the bumpy bottom and already started to head in the right direction.”

Here are some major clues the Denver housing market has indeed turn around.

  1. Super low inventory. 
  2. Renting is more expensive than owning a home.
  3. Investors are reaping huge profits for rental properties.
  4. History breaking low interest rates on the 30 year fixed rate. 3.875% as of today.
  5. Huge pent up demand. People want homes and they want to make changes to either move up, down or sideways.
  6. Millions of Americans are living with family from the recession. They want out and their families are ready for them to move on.

“Will you look back at 2012 and wish you had taken advantage of the prime market conditions.”

The super low interest rates, low inventory and a demand for housing is simple supply & demand economics. Home prices in many neighborhoods are already starting to move up. We are on the cusp of an upward pricing trend with the current market situation. Buyers want homes. Sellers that have been on the sidelines for the past 3 years will step out and sell this year to take advantage of the low rates on their new purchase.

Have you looked around at the new home communities lately? Builders have seen the lack of inventory for resale homes and they are primed and ready to capitalize on this short fall. There is building where there hasn’t been in years. Just the other day I was showing a new home to a client and we had to go inside to talk because of all the machinery working around the neighborhood. Activity is the buzz word for 2012. You will see more building. You will see sellers on the market that have waited patiently for turn in the market.

I believe that 5 years from now people who buy homes in 2011 and 2012 will look like geniuses.

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