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Sex sells homes

February 15th, 2012 | Written by | Buyers

Are you single and looking for love? Buy a home.

Yeah, so now we are using sex to sell homes. Homes can be sexy but are they really going to help you find love?

According to a recent poll of singles,  homeowners are more appealing in the dating scene. Here is the article on CNN Money.

“Over one third of women and 18% of men said they would rather date a homeowner versus a renter.”

I guess it wasn’t the case for my wife since she dated me when we were both living in apartments. I also have to say that one of the best parts of getting married and starting our lives together was struggling to save for our first home and going out and looking for that first home. The entire process was fun and exciting doing it together.

Male and Female Gender Signs

I think we would be much less appreciative if one of us already owned a home when we met. Trust me, there are no silver spoons in our relationship. We kicked it hard for everything we have and it was FUN.

Anyway back to the poll…here are a few highlights.

  • Less than 5% of people polled said they wanted to date someone still living at home with Mom and Dad. We call these “Boomerang Kids” nowadays.
  • Not having a roommate also increases your chances in the dating world.
  • The biggest turn-on feature of the house for both men and women was the master bathroom.

It’s not NEWS that first-time home buyers will be the “savior” of the housing market. Reports keep coming out that the high-end market needs to get better before the real estate market can come back. Some even say investors will bring us out of this market. The truth is that first time home buyers must enter the market before this market will turn around. In order for that to happen jobs need to be created, loans need to be more and our younger generation needs to see value in buying a home of their own.

It’s a simple cycle but it begins with entry level buyers.  So if sex is your motivator then buy a house,  get more dates and help the economy. 

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