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Off to a Great Start by Picking the Right School

April 16th, 2012 | Written by | Town of Parker

Off to a Great Start Picking the Right School

By Kirstin Evert

I can still hear my friend’s question to me, asked nearly 11 ½ years ago when my son was only a few months old, “So have you signed him up for Kindergarten?”

Kindergarten? I hadn’t gotten past filling out his paperwork for his birth certificate yet. As our conversation continued, she informed me that if I ever wanted to have Parker Core Knowledge Charter School (PCK) as an option for elementary school and middle school, I had to get my boys on the list yesterday! Being a teacher myself, I had heard briefly about charter schools, but I never really thought about them as a feasible option for our children. In fact, it never crossed my postpartum mind. I started to panic, I already had a two year old, so his chances where down the drain I convinced myself. But thankfully, in between feedings, I loaded the boys in the van and carefully followed the directions I was given. I ended up at a strip mall off of Parker Road and Plaza. The first thing I saw was a group of kids walking quietly down the hall, in a straight line, all wearing uniforms. What kind of school was this? I walked in the office and was greeted by a friendly face. I asked,

“Is it crazy to put my kids on the list for Kindergarten? I don’t even know when they would start?” Today I say, “NO WAY!”

That feels like eons ago, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I am not sure when early education became such a crucial choice for parents. My grandpa, who just turned 92, had options, I guess. It was to either send your child to the one room school house miles away, or keep him home to work. Today, it seems we are stressing through the education questions that I faced when I went to college, at preschool. I do, however, believe that when choices are given, responsibility and ownership come along with it. That is one reason why so many families are committed to Parker Core Knowledge Charter School. We made it our choice and with good reason.

Our school holds true to its mission statement which in part states, “We will strive to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, and we will present opportunities which challenge each and every one of our students to become critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and future leaders.” ( I am so pleased with the education our kids are gaining. As a former teacher in Douglas Country, I have seen how schools operate, each class as its own island. I see PCK as a well engineered design. The primary grades set the foundation for learning. Topics and subjects that are introduced in the early years are repeated and built upon in the later years. All the teachers are “on the same page” as far as math and reading. This allows for students to already know the given expectations from year to year. Lastly, core virtues are taught, demonstrated, and practiced all year long. The school focuses on the whole person.

For the first time ever, our school has launched even more children off to a great start with their new preschool and junior kindergarten. I taught preschool for 10 years so I understand how critical it is to prepare children for Kindergarten academically, socially, and emotionally. These young little people can happily wear a Batman costume 365 days a year, but at the same time are so eager to learn from the world around them. PCK Preschool & Junior Kindergarten offers that great balance, meeting the children where they are developmentally, but preparing them academically for any school they attend. It won’t be long before you hear parent’s asking each other, “So did you put your child on the waiting list for Parker Core Knowledge Preschool?”


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