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Save Money and Your AC Unit

July 10th, 2012 | Written by | Buyers, Market Reports for Parker Colorado, Sellers

This is a great tip to save money and your [AC] air conditioner unit this Summer.

America is experiencing a heat wave in the Summer of 2012.  So, if you are like me and your AC unit froze up or stopped working here are some quick and easy fixes and ways to save money on you AC repairs and future bills.

Example: Last week in the middle of the 2012 heat wave my AC stopped blowing cold air. After inspecting outside I notice the hose leading into the house was completely frozen. Ice was packed on the hose where the hose entered the exterior wall of the house.

“My solution was to call my local AC & Furnace repair man and pay him $99 to quickly and easily do what I should have done. “

My AC unit had two issues. 

  1. The filter had not been changed in months. Yes, shame on me.
  2. The radiator portion of the exterior fan pump was clogged with dust and leaves that I had never known to clean out.

What I should have done.

Replace the filter in the furnace on a regular basis. Who really does this? It’s supposed to be done every 30 days religiously. My HVAC furnace repair guy told me to get the cheap filters. Buy the furnace filters that when you hold them up to the light you can see through them. The reason being that Colorado has really thin air so the motors already have to work harder so a thin filter will do the job, save you replacement costs and reduce furnace motor fatigue.

The second thing I should have done was remove the cover from the exterior AC fan on the side of my house and gently spray water through the radiator flutes to clean out any dust and debris stuck in there. If you have animals outside like dogs you are going to be shocked how much of their fur will be stuck in the AC unit. We haven’t had a dog in 3 years and her fur was all in the radiator.

AC or air conditioning unit outside a home sitting on a concrete pad.

AC unit outside your house.

He sprayed the hose inside and out to really clean the dust. It was an instant fix.

The air temp coming out of my vents in the house dropped 10 degrees in a matter of minutes. You know the entire system was running smoother and much more efficiently when the temp can drop so much so fast.

We typically would have to wait a hour or two to have our house cool off once we turned on the system. Now it takes less than an hour and the house is much cooler. I am saving money. Hopefully recouping the $99 I paid my HVAC repair man to show me two easy steps that I will never forget.

Buy a 12 pack of filters when you go buy them. Setup an alert on your calendar to remind you every 35 days to change the filter. Also setup a reminder to switch the Humidifier from Summer to Winter and back again as the seasons change.

Last tip – He also told me to remove the cover and spray out the radiator on the exterior fan at least twice a year. Once before you start the unit and sometime in the middle of the Summer.

Good luck and I hope this saves you from paying $99 like I had to.

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