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Top Reasons To Sell Your Home in 2014

January 22nd, 2014 | Written by | Buyers, Market Reports for Parker Colorado, Sellers

Have you noticed it is starting earlier in 2014? Homes are starting to hit the market before the so called spring rush. If inventory levels remain low we could be in for another crazy spring and summer real estate selling season. Let me share with you for facts, predictions and observations.

“I listed my own home for sale about two weeks ago. When I listed the home in the MLS there were only two other comparable homes on the market. My house was in excellent shape. It sold instantly.”

Here is a fact about the Parker Colorado real estate market and why selling your home now is a good idea.

  1. In the past 7 days there have been 23 new listings hit the market in Parker CO and 43 homes went under contract.
  2. During the same 7 days 33 homes sold and closed.
  3. 5 homes that were taken off the market were returned to active status.

It’s obvious that there is very little competition in the market place right now. Buyers are waiting for good homes to hit the market and jumping on them immediately. This is one reason that now is a great time to sell your home.

Speculation about the Parker CO real estate market.

Interest rates are supposed to rise this year. Of course they may not do anything but nobody honestly knows for sure. A lot of people say higher rates will drive prices down because homes will  be less affordable. I have seen historical stats that tell a different story. One set of numbers I saw showed healthy appreciation in time of higher rates. Read The Impact of increasing Mortgage Rates on Pricing.  I don’t usually link out to other blogs but I like this one a lot.

Steven Beam’s observation on Parker CO real estate.

Early bird definitely got the worm in 2013. I’ve run the numbers for 2013 in many neighborhoods in Parker so I know. I also participated in many, many home sales in Parker for 2013 so I saw this first hand.

Hustlers who got their homes on the market before Summer 2013 made the most money on their homes. By the end of the summer things slowed down a little and then there was a mad dash in the Fall of 2013 to end the year strong. There were a lot of people sitting on the sidelines wishing they had taken advantage of the market and listed their homes early. People without the vision scrambled to catch the market and get their homes on the market quickly. Some were successful but many did get the offers they were hoping for and ended up selling for much less.

Worst case scenario for sellers in Parker CO.

Some sellers hired brokers that didn’t even realize what was happening in the market as it was heating up and advised many sellers to price their homes too low. Resulting in the sellers leaving a lot of money on the table. Make sure you hire a Parker CO Realtor with experience and one that knows the market. 

Parker CO Real Estate prediction for 2014.

I believe we will see another hot Spring market with low inventory and homes flying off the shelf. Rates will move as they always do but buyers are still going to buy. I’m still seeing relocation buyers moving into the market so that is always a nice added push. Douglas County is growing fast and the construction is proof.

Take the time and money to get your home properly prepared to sell. It will add thousands to your NET sales price. Lazy sellers are always complaining that they should have gotten more for their homes. Clean and cluttered homes always sell for more.

Steven Beam is a Realtor in Parker Colorado.

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