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Save Money With A Whole House Attic Fan

March 13th, 2014 | Written by | Buyers, Market Reports for Parker Colorado, Sellers

I’m a big fan of whole house attic fans. My grandparents had one when I was a kid and I can still remember the light hum of the fan and the cool air coming in the window that lulled me to sleep.

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What are the benefits of installing a whole house attic fan?

whole house attic fan

Whole house attic fan

  1. Run your central AC system less. What more do you need than this?
  2. Pump hot air out of your house and attic which will allow cooler air in your home to stay cool longer.
  3. New technology has made the old noisy fans a lot quieter.
  4. AC gives me a headache. I don’t know why? Fresh outside air is never bad is it?
  5. It takes about 15-20 minutes to cool your entire house versus hours with an AC.

How much money will a whole house attic fan save me?

I don’t know a dollar amount and there are plenty of reports about it on the internet. Some reports say it will save a homeowner hundreds of dollars each summer. I believe it all depends on the fan, the house it’s in and the the people living in the house. Let’s face it some people keep their homes freezing in the summer and cannot survive without central AC. I do believe that a whole house attic fan used properly could significantly reduce your electric bills and help your home cool faster. I believe it could allow you to not use your AC on some days when you normally would have used it. Those days will certainly save you money.

“I didn’t install an attic fan to take the place of my AC but I did install it to help my central AC run more efficiently and help cool my house quicker. “

How does a whole house attic fan save me money?

  • On warm days, when it isn’t too hot, turn it on to cool your house without ever using the AC.
  • On hot days when you get home from work crack a window in the basement and turn on the fan until it pumps the hot air out of the attic and your house. Then turn on your AC which will not have to work so hard to cool the house down.
  • This isn’t a money saver but we have even used it when we burn a meal or toast or whatever to pump out the smell and the smoke.

I’ve also been told that being able to pump the hot air out of the attic on really hot days can also help preserve your roofing material. I have no proof of this but I have heard this from more than just one person.

How do I install a whole house attic fan?

two hour high low switch for a whole house attic fan.

Two hour high low switch for a whole house attic fan.

I hired a professional. They come to the house and take measurements and study the number of vents in your attic. They have to determine what size is needed for the house and if you have enough ventilation to accommodate the attic fan. You could have to install extra vents if there isn’t enough in place. I’m sure you can install them yourself and save even more money but you will need to do the research on the internet to figure out what size fan is needed and decide if you have enough roof vents. My installer told me that newer roofs generally have enough venting to make it work no problem. Make sure you do your homework. I know Lowes and Home Depot sell whole house attic fans as well as several companies on the internet.

If you live in a very cold climate you might need to install a sealed fan that will not allow cold air into your house in the winter. There is more to installing a whole house attic fan than cutting a hole in the ceiling and running some wires. Check with a pro.


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