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Want to know what your neighbor’s house sold for?

September 7th, 2010 | Written by | Sellers

Sep 7th 2010

Market Snapshot and neighborhood sold and active homes at your fingertips. Quick and Easy Sold Homes in Your Neighborhood Home Sellers If you are like most people we all want to know what the homes around us are selling for. We also know that sometimes our friends and neighbors don't always tell us the truth when it comes to their real sales price. I can change all of that right now. Want to know what your neighbor's house REALLY sold for? Want...

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What kind of person does this type of damage to a foreclosed home

January 21st, 2009 | Written by | Sellers

Jan 21st 2009

Why do people destroy their homes when they are foreclosed. I was recently in Highlands Ranch, Colorado looking at real estate with a potential investor. When we came upon this little gem of a home listed for sale at $189,000 by the bank. The home was foreclosed a few months ago and the previous owner obviously took out the frustrations they had for the bank on the property. On the other hand it almost looked like...

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How to prepare for a short sale

January 13th, 2009 | Written by | Sellers

Jan 13th 2009
Parker Homes for Sale

How to get yourself and your property ready for a short sale. (Part 3) Things to do, what you should know and expect to prepare for short sales as a seller: Also read: Part 1 and 2. "Sellers and Short sale real estate" and "What real estate brokers think about Short Sales." Also read: Short sale frustrations You may want to consider asking the bank if they will consider a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure without recourse. This can be done...

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What real estate brokers think about Short Sales

January 12th, 2009 | Written by | Sellers

Jan 12th 2009
Parker Homes for Sale

Ever wonder what real estate brokers think about short sales? This is (Part 2) - Real Estate Brokers Opinion: I'm not alone in this opinion either! Also read: (Part 1) Sellers and Short Sale Real Estate (Part 3) "How to prepare for a short sale" The banks in my opinion have little or no idea what is going on with their assets and how to manage selling them prior to foreclosure. If they could setup even a reasonable process to facilitate short sales many families...

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Sellers and Short Sale Real Estate

January 11th, 2009 | Written by | Sellers

Jan 11th 2009
Parker Homes for Sale

What sellers need to know about selling their home as a short sale. Sellers and Short sale real estate. (Part 1) Also Read: Read Part 2: "What real estate brokers think about Short Sales." Read Part 3: "How to prepare for a short sale." If you are considering making an offer on or selling your home as a short sale you better think again and at the very least know what you are about to get yourself into. Your real chances of getting to closing...

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I cannot sell my Parker Colorado home! Getting my home ready to sell

August 10th, 2008 | Written by | Sellers

Aug 10th 2008
Parker Homes for Sale

Selling your home in Parker Colorado. First thing first...If your Realtor isn't helping you get the house ready to sale and giving advice what exactly did you hire them for? Second they better have a fantastic marketing plan to get your property maximum exposure. Buyers are all over the internet looking for homes. Is your home plastered all over the internet? Is your Realtor providing you with still photos, virtual tours and online video? You better be where the buyers are....

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Four quick tips to help sell your Parker Colorado Home.

July 13th, 2008 | Written by | Sellers

Jul 13th 2008

Quick tips to sell your Parker Colorado home fast. How to prepare my Parker Colorado Home for Sale? Four Quick tips to help sell your home fast. When you decide to sell your Parker Colorado real estate there is more than just calling a Realtor to getting it sold. I'm going to give you the main things that must be done to compete in this market. Interior Cleaning - Cutting corners cleaning is guaranteed to NET you less at closing. My first suggestion...

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Why buy Parker Colorado real estate in Stonegate

July 1st, 2008 | Written by | Buyers, Sellers, Stonegate

Jul 1st 2008
Stonagate Village in Parker Colorado neighborhood

What makes Stonegate in Parker CO so special.  We show & list homes for sale 7 days a week. 303-941-4663 - Steven Beam Stonegate Village Homes For Sale Stonegate Village HOA Information  When the thought of buying Parker Colorado Real Estate comes to mind buyers generally look to one neighborhood first. Stonegate. Why do buyers consider Stonegate to be at the top of their list when starting their search. The answer is simple. Location and amenities. Stonegate is a 1,603-acre master-planned community with mature landscaping located...

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